Doodles’ Book of the Week – Aliens Love Underpants


I haven’t had a chance to do a book post for a week or two!  We have been outdoors so much, making the most of the good weather and I was so busy documenting the fun we were having that I forgot to keep up to date  with our books of the week. Back to normal routine Monday as the Easter Holidays finish this weekend 😦  I’ve loved all our little adventures over the past 2 weeks while Doodles was off school.  Not to worry, in a few short weeks he’ll be finished preschool forever (aghhhhhh, off to big school in September) and we’ll be off to the South of France for a few weeks (lot’s of adventures on the cards)!

This week’s book of choice is Aliens Love Underpants by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort.  D loves this book and the other books in the series.  They are so colourful and funny and the perfect way to share some snuggle time before bed, giggling at the antics of these incredibly cute and mischievous aliens!

Doodles was first drawn to these books because they were about underpants – hilarious – well hilarious for a 3 or 4 year old anyway!  These books are fantastic fun, the illustrations are so inviting, and the rhyming story is a real attention grabber.

Why is this a good choice for a 4 year old?Aliens pageview

  • Bold, colourful illustrations
  • Funny story line…aliens and underpants, I can’t think of a funnier combination for a 4 year old boy lol!
  • Minimal text
  • Rhyming text
  • Other books in the series follow similar pattern


Tip for choosing books for preschoolers:  Choose funny story lines to engage and encourage young readers, especially reluctant readers!

Other books in the series

Other books in the series


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