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Simple St Patrick’s Day Themed Phonics Activity

Simple St Patrick's Day Phonics Activity - Our Little House in the Country

A Simple St Patrick’s Day and Rainbow Themed Phonics Activity! My little boy (5) was becoming bored with his homework recently (ssssh don’t tell his teacher) so I have been coming up with fun ways for him to work on his phonics- initial sounds and sight words! This activity can be used for any of the sounds but for demo

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5 Fab Non Fiction Autumn, Fall, Halloween Books for Kids

5 Non Fiction Autumn, Fall, Halloween Books for Kids - Our Little House in the Country

These 5 books for younger children about Autumn/Fall and Halloween are great for teaching children about the season and associated festivals in a simple and informative manner with some great photos and facts! Our Top 5 Non Fiction Books about Autumn and Halloween Halloween – National Geographic Kids- Laura Marsh:  This is a fantastic Level 1 book jam packed with

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Alphabet Book – Hunting for Letters, Cutting Skills, Learning Our ABCs

Our Alphabet Book developing letter, phonics and cutting skills - Our Little House in the Country #earlyliteracy #kidsactivities #abcs #phonics #cuttingskills

Hi all, this is a short and sweet post this morning about an activity we have been working on.  Doodles and I have been having lots of fun working on letters and phonics recently (just the basics).  Oodles has been joining in too, but the activities were aimed at D (almost 5 y.o).  Today, after doing an “a” sound hunt

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Fun Pre Writing Activities – Early Literacy & Fine Motor Skills Development

Over the past few weeks we have been having quite a bit of fun developing our fine motor skills, in particular we have been working of prewriting activities.  Doodles is starting school in September and is very eager to do homework at the moment (let’s hope he maintains that enthusiasm in the years to come!!!). Activity 1 – Writing Trays

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