Christmas Candle Flower Arranging for Kids

How to Make Candle Flower Arrangements for Christmas with Kids

Christmas Flower Arranging for Kids - Our Little House in the Country

I came across these photos from this time last year and I just had to share this fun and Christmassy activity for kids.  I love to arrange flowers and occasionally do wedding and other celebrations and would someday love to it for a living.  But for now I create with flowers most of the time simply for fun and to decorate our home.  This time last year while I was making a number of Christmas wreaths for friends and family Doodles and Oodles were fascinated by what I was doing so I decided to include them and helped them to create their very own Christmas Candle arrangements!

Christmas Candle Flower Arranging for Kids - Our Little House in the Country
What we used:

  • Floristry oasis or foam
  • Trays
  • Floristry ribbon (green)
  • Lots of greenery cuttings from our garden
  • Christmas decorations
  • Candles
  • Candle holders


What we did:

  1. Soak the oasis in a basin of water until they sink to the bottom
  2. Secure on a floristry tray using green ribbon or tape
  3. Place the candle holder in the oasis/foam.  Alternatively, tape 3 or 4 toothpicks to the candles and this will ho;d the candle in place.
  4. Stick lots and lots of greenery into the oasis until all of the foam is covered.
  5. Add decorations and ribbons.
  6. Insert candle!
  7. Display and enjoy!


Have lots of festive fun!

Ciara xx


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