The Benefits of Playing with Playdough

If you are familiar with our blog then you have probably noticed that we love to make and play with Playdough.  The benefits of play dough play are numerous and kids of all ages have much to gain from engaging with play dough activities. So, why should our children play with play dough?The Benefits of Playing with Playdough  plus 11 Playdough Activities and Recipes - Our Little House in the Country #playdough #sensoryplay #kidsactivities

Benefits of Playdough Play:

1. Fine Motor Skill Development: great for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squashing, rolling, flattening play dough all develop children’s muscles and encourage prewriting and other skills such as cutting with a scissors, using a tweezers, holding a pencil etc.

2. Calming and therapeutic: simply sitting and squashing and rolling a piece of playdough in your hand is a very calming and soothing activity.  For years I have been giving children playdough “stress” balls in class as a way of easing tension, releasing extra energy, improving focus and concentration. Can be a great outlet for children to express their emotions

3. Creativity and imagination:  the possibilities for playdough play are limitless – my kids love to create all sorts of things with playdough – some days they create monsters and aliens, on other occasions they have made cupcakes, pizzas, gardens, houses, Christmas decorations.  I love to provide them with a wide variety of materials to use with the playdough, inspiring creativity and encouraging use of their imaginations.

4. Develops hand-eye co-ordination: by using a variety of materials and objects in playdough play can enhance hand-eye co-ordination.

5.  Social skills:  any activity where children are hands-on involved creates a fantastic opportunity for developing social skills. Playing with play dough in small groups and or with adults presents lots of possibilities for talk and discussion, playing collaboratively, problem solving and planning with others.  Encourage your children to describe what they are doing while they play.

6. Literacy and Numeracy development: we have used playdough for a variety of literacy and numeracy activities – it’s a great fun way of involving children in literacy and numeracy activities, some of which you can see in our Prewriting Activities.

7.  Promotes Play:  allows children to be children, to slow down and play, using a range of their senses and skills.

Inspired to try a few Playdough activities?  Why not explore some of our Playdough posts and give the activities a go?  I have also included a few more sensory activities and recipes with similar benefits.

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  7. Foam Dough
  8. Ooey Gooey Slime
  9. Messy Play Madness – Gloop/Oobleck
  10. 5 Fantastic Messy Play Ideas
  11. Green Gloop/Oobleck Recipe


What playdough fun have you been up to recently!  Share your playdough ideas and links to your posts if you’re a blogger on our Facebook page – we love trying out new ideas!

Have fun!

Ciara x

PS –  Looking for more Playdough ideas?  Check out our Playdough Board on Pinterest plus all our other boards that are overflowing with lots of fun activities, tips and ideas!

Playdough Board Follow Our Little House in the Country’s board (Kids) Play Dough on Pinterest.


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