Super Soft Colour Surprise Playdough

Super Soft Colour Surprise Playdough - Our Little House in the Country

I love trying out new play dough ideas.  Doodles and Oodles love playing with playdough, they play with it most days.  I haven’t made it in a number of weeks as the play dough recipe I generally use makes a dough that can be stored in the fridge for weeks and weeks and used over and over again.

Recently on Pinterest I spotted this really great idea by Learn Play Imagine for Colour Surprise Playdough – it looked like so much fun,  I was completely intrigued by it and have been waiting for the right opportunity to try it.

I changed the recipe as I wanted to try out a new playdough recipe that I had been thinking about ( my new recipe makes really soft, smooth playdough).


  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup cornflour/cornstarch
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Liquid paints or food colouring


  1. Using my dough attachment for my food processor I made 3 batches. I split each batch into 2 balls
  2. Using my thumb I made a well in each ball.
  3. Then I poured some paint into each “well”.
  4. To complete the surprise I sealed up each hole and presented D and O with 6 balls of plain playdough.

Super Soft Colour Surprise Playdough - Our Little House in the Country

Doodles wasn’t too impressed to be given plain playdough.

plain playdough but there's a surprise!

He wanted to know why I hadn’t coloured it this time, plus I had told him that I was making special surprise playdough so he really wasn’t impressed at all.

mmmmmm plain playdough

I encouraged the two of them to squeeze and squish a ball each and to their delight paint squirted out! The dough was also warm as I had used hot water which they loved!

surprise colour palydough yellow!

The had to knead and pound and squish and squeeze to get the paint to mix through the dough evenly.  As I had made an extra soft dough this time by adding the oil and cornflour it was easier for them to “colour” the dough.

messy messy fun Of course, they loved the messiness of it.  It is really messy, but so much fun and really effective.

squishing and squashing to mix the paintThey were delighted to have created 6 new coloured balls of playdough to be used again.  They popped the dough into a ziplock bag and then into the fridge so that it will be ready for more fun and games tomorrow.

from plain to coloured playdough!


So, have you tried a fun or surprising activity with playdough?  I would love to hear your ideas so that we could try them out!

Have fun with the colour surprise play dough!

Ciara x

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