5 Easy to Make Gingerbread Houses

I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house but for one reason or another I have never gotten around to it.  This year I have bought a gingerbread house and village kit and can’t wait to try it out in a couple of weeks time.  I have also being searching for easy to make gingerbread houses and these are 5 of my favourites and doable!!!!

5 Easy to Make Gingerbread Houses - Our Little House in the Country

5 Easy to Make Gingerbread Houses

1.  Easy DIY Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses (Meet Penny) – this is a great step by step clear tutorial.

How to make easy graham cracker gingerbread houses.2.  Gingerbread House (Cake Whizz) – a super, step by step guide, with lots of photos – I think even I could follow this recipe!

christmas gingerbread house 13.  Easy Mini Gingerbread Houses (Red Ted Art) – I love these easy, delightful and no-bake houses, the kids would have a lot of fun making these!

4.  The Easy Way to Make a Gingerbread House (Life is {Sew} Daily) – this idea is genius, such a fantastic ideas especially if making alot of houses with a class or group of children!

5.  Mini Gingerbread House (Kelly Moore) – these are so cute and look like a lot of fun to make.


Let us know if you have an easy way of making gingerbread houses and if you have a blog let me know where we can find you so that I can pin it and add it to our list of east to make gingerbread houses!

Have lots of festive fun!
Ciara x


  • Building with ginger bread is a bit of a tradition I grew up with: I was 4 when I told my mum I don’t like birthday cakes so instead she started to make me ginger bread sceneries for birthdays. There was a castle with princesses and an underwater world with light houses and ships… that “cake” I got used to be the talk at my tiny village school. Somehow that was extended to making ginger bread houses/ sceneries for Christmas. We always made them from scratch (first we made the pastry but we also drew the forms on baking paper, cut them out and used them on the pastry), which may be the reason for them looking a bit wobbly and “creative” 😉 but making them used to be fun and eating them quick and delicious. I also remember feeling proud when I for the first time was allowed to attach the pieces together with melted hot sugar, I felt so big. Obviously decorating the houses was the first thing we did- Since I had my children, I just haven’t been up to making any, only “normal” ginger bread, but I have such fond memories and now when they are already 3 and 4 I think it would be time to start making them together again. I believe this was the last once I made: https://freebutfun.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/before-christmas/ HOpe you have good times making some too!


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