10 Snowman Art Projects for Cold Wintry Afternoons

Do you want to build a snowman or in this case paint or create a snowman?  Then take a look at these 10 gorgeous Snowman Art Projects.10 Snowman Art Projects for Kids  To Do on a Cold Wintry Afternoon - Our Little House in the Country

10 Snowman Art Projects for Cold Wintry Afternoons

  1. Melted Snowmen:  This is such a clever painting idea from Tina at Mamas Like Me, perfect for preschool or early primary school aged kiddies.
  2. Snowman Collage:  this mixed media project from Deep Space Sparkle is wonderfully colourful and creative, making use of painting and wide variety of paper and collage materials.
  3. Snowman Scoops:  I love this fantastic idea from Exploring Art: Elementary Art, the snowcones are so creative and unique – a really fun classroom project!
  4. Snowglobes:  this is the type of activity that makes me miss the classroom occasionally – I know that we would have a lot of fun creating fantastic snowman snowglobes like these ones from Art with Ms Gram.
  5. Snowmen at Night Chalk Pastel Drawings:  Inspired by the book “Snowmen at Night” this truly beautiful project from A Faithful Attempt is magical, a must try for slightly older kids.
  6. Ariel View Snowman:  this is a super project to teach children about perspective.  This is a super but unusual take on painting snowmen found over on Tiny Art Room– I love this!
  7. Oil Pastel Snowmen:  This is another great idea for older children, using oil pastels to great shhde and shadow.  I found this lovely activity on a blog called For the Love of Art.
  8. Frozen Inspired Olaf Snowman: We couldn’t have a snowman post without our favourite little snowman – Olaf.  I love this collage activity for younger kids from Jessika Reed Studios – perfect for keeping preschoolers busy!
  9. Snowman Collage:  What caught my eye about this snowman collage was how colourful it was!  I love the use of coloured tissue paper for the background.  This is a perfect activity for early primary/elementary classes from Learn and Grow Designs.
  10. Stained Glass Snowmen:  We did our own stained glass snowmen recently but I also really love these little guys from Glued to My Crafts.

Here’s our own snowman project – Snowman Stained Glass Window!Snowman Stained Glass Windows - Christmas Crafts For Kids - Our Little House in the CountryHave fun!

Ciara x



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