5 Fab Non Fiction Autumn, Fall, Halloween Books for Kids

These 5 books for younger children about Autumn/Fall and Halloween are great for teaching children about the season and associated festivals in a simple and informative manner with some great photos and facts!

5 Non Fiction Autumn, Fall, Halloween Books for Kids  - Our Little House in the Country

Our Top 5 Non Fiction Books about Autumn and Halloween

  1. Halloween – National Geographic Kids- Laura Marsh:  This is a fantastic Level 1 book jam packed with lots of colour photos and fun facts about Halloween, with a joke or two thrown in too!  Its aimed at kids who are just beginning to read on their own but we love to read it together at bedtime as my children are not yet reading indepently.  The book also contains a number of puzzles and fun projects and activities to try.  For more information and lots of fun check out National Geographic Kids online.
  2. Autumn – Kay Barnham: This book is part of series called Popcorn by Wayland Books.  This books in the series all have the same format of simple text and great images that help readers to identify and understand key vocabulary.  We particularly like this book as it gives a lovely informative overview of the season and the festivals celebrated at this time of the year.  We are also going to try and make the bird feeder that is described in the book.
  3. Halloween – Holiday Histories – Jennifer Blizin Gillis: This book gives a slightly more in depth look at Halloween than the other books listed, slightly more difficult than the previous two books, but definitely suitable for independent grade school readers.  Personally I love the mix of modern and old images and photos in this book as it tracks the origins of Halloween through the ages.  My 5 year old loves this book, he loves non fiction books and learning new and interesting facts.  there is too much text and content in it for my almost 3 year old.
  4. Autumn Leaves – Gil Saunders-Smith – This is a lovely, small preschoool/toddler book.  I t has beautiful pictures of every imaginable autumn coloured leaf.  With minimal text, but with key words included this is a great book for teaching younger children about the colours of autumn.
  5. Apples – Melvin and Gilda Berger – Scholastic: This is a great early reader book – perfect for reading to toddlers or preschoolers or for kids just learning to read.  We also have a Pumpkins another title in this series.  Its a short, fact filled book book about apples and how they are grown.

For lots more Autumn/Fall and Halloween book ideas take a look at our Pinterest boards below!

Can you recommend any non-fiction Autumn and Halloween books?


Ciara x


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