Halloween Playdough – A Ghoulish Invitation to Play and Create!

Playdough provides children with endless possibilities to play and create as well as developing all sorts of physical and cognitive skills.  As Halloween is not a million miles off, I thought it was time to make some Halloween inspired playdough and invite my little munchkins to get creepily creative!!!!!!

Halloween Playdough Invitation to Play and Learn #halloween #playdough #invitationtoplayAfter Christmas, Halloween is my favourite holiday! Mind you, I love to celebrate and decorate for every holiday and festival throughout the year!!!!  However, being a teacher this is usually the first holiday of the year that we really get to focus on and get creative with and as a result I have built up a tonne of resources and ideas over the years for Halloween.  Since having children of my own, Halloween has become so much fun and we have begun to make a bigger effort to mark this festival every year!  To kick start our Halloween festivities this year, I am sharing with you our freeky and fantastic Halloween playdough and invitation to play and create!

Halloween Playdough Invitation to Play and Learn #halloween #playdough #invitationtoplay For our playdough recipe take a look at our Autumn / Fall coloured playdough recipe!  To make it more “Halloweeny” just add Halloween inspired colours (green, black, orange, purple, etc) and maybe a little glitter like we did!

I’m going to let the photos tell the story of the creative fun we had with this activity, but I have listed the materials we used below!

Halloween Playdough Invitation to Play and Learn #halloween #playdough #invitationtoplay What we used:

  • Halloween inspired coloured playdough
  • googly eyes
  • black and white feathers
  • black and white pipe cleaners
  • pieces of wheat and straw
  • “Monster” Play Doh toys we acquired over the years
  • shredded halloween coloured paper
  • halloween themed confetti – spiders, skulls, bats, ghosts, pumpkins etc from a discount store
  • Some of Scooby Doo character figures!
  • pom poms

Halloween Playdough Invitation to Play and Learn #halloween #playdough #invitationtoplay What we did:

  • I arranged all the materials in a tray and laid them out on the table with the playdough!
  • The theme spoke for itself so Doodles (5) and Oodles (almost 3) instantly started to create monsters and ghouls.
  • I always find that they are way more engaged in an activity like this if I sit at the table and quietly create my own little creations while casually chatting to them!
  • Everytime they finished a creature or monster they asked to photograph their masterpiece themselves or for me to take a pic for them.
  • We spent a lovely hour happily creating our friendly little monsters and witchy friends!

Halloween Playdough Invitation to Play and Learn #halloween #playdough #invitationtoplay What would you include in your Halloween Invitation to Play and Create?

Have fun!

Ciara x

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