Displaying Children’s Books -Encouraging Young Readers

I decided to reshare this post from a couple of months ago following a chat on Instagram this morning! This is how we display our books as a way of encouraging Doodles and Oodles to regularly engage with books!

Our Little House in the Country

Displaying booksWe are book lovers here at Our Little House in the Country.  Our home is full to the brim with books.  I recently donated about 10 large boxes of books, mostly novels, in order to make room for the rest.  I have been collecting children’s books for over 15 years and we have hundreds.  We have picture books, board books, children’s novels, non-fiction books, story anthologies, pop-up books, lift and flap books, you name it we probably have it!

Both of my children love to read and look through their books.  I have tried to encourage this by displaying the books in a way that is child friendly and accessible for a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

Today I am sharing with you some of the ways we have displayed books around our home, enabling Oodles and Doodles to pick up a book whenever they choose.

  1. TODDLER ROOM      …

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