Easter Holiday Adventures Part 2 – Fun and Free Frolics!!!!

Easter Adventures

I haven’t had much time to blog this week.  My son is on holidays from preschool so we have been havibng great fun getting out and about.  The weather has also been amazing so we have been outdoors all day, everyday.  We are all sleeping like logs and appetites have improved and everyone is in good humour – yaaaaay!

Today I am sharing with you 3 fun and free activities from our adventures so far this week.

1. Splashy Fun at the Beach!

We all put on our rain gear and welly boots and headed to the beach early one morning this week.  We are very lucky to live about 4 km from the beach, just a short drive away.  The children were so excited about being allowed to run into the sea and splash around.  They got soaked but had the best time ever.  I had to strip them completely in the car and wrap them in blankets to take them home.  Really great memories to have!

splashy fun

2.  Bug Hunt in the Garden!

Doodles and Oodles are fascinated by mini beasts!!!!  They were so excited to find lots of lady birds in the garden.  We then went and explored all the hedges and shrubs and found 100s of lady birds – I’ve never seen so many.  Every day since they have spent some of their outdoor time searching for more bugs.  They have even named some of the bugs they have found!

bug hunting

3. Free Play and Frolics and Some Bubbles too!

Most of our days have been filled playing tag, chasing bubbles, emptying the sand tray onto the driveway (Oodles just kept doing this ALL week), making obstacle course, penalty shoot outs, riding the bikes and trikes and even playdough out in the garden.  W ereally made the most of the good weather, I’m actually typing this outside on our picnic table while Doodles and Oodles play football with Mr G (Good Friday means no work for him!) D is Lego crazy at the moment and if he cold he would play Lego all day long so I insisted on him playing with it outside! Hopefully this fantastic weather we are having is just the start of a long hot summer!!!!!

Garden fun

Hope you have been having fun outdoors this week!  Have a great weekend!  We have a 4 day weekend because of the Easter Holiday!  Happy Easter!

Ciara x

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