How to blow eggs for Easter decorations.

Ever wanted to know how to blow eggs for making Easter decorations? It’s so easy and fun to do! ***step by step instructions below***.  

What you need: 

  • eggs, 
  • thumb tacks, 
  • cocktail sticks, 
  • bowl, 
  • straws (optional).   

What you do:

  •  gently but firmly push the tack/pin through the pointy end of the egg.
  •  now push the tack through the other end of the egg. 
  • take a cocktail stick and carefully insert it through one of the holes. 
  • swirl the stick around in order to break up the yolk. 
  • the cocktail stick also helps to make the holes a little bigger and easier for the yolk and white to be removed. 
  • place your mouth over one of the holes and blow through the hole (can take a little effort!!) and the insides should come out through the other end and into your bowl (perfect for scrambled eggs, French toast or baking later) 
  • you can also place a straw over one of the holes and blow through it, I just find it too fiddly . 
  • run water through the egg and blow it out to clean it out. 
  • leave to dry and then decorate! 

Happy Easter, have fun!

 Ciara 💕💗💕

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