Tips for Travelling With Kids Part 2 – Packing Tips and List!

Family Packing list and tips - packing for a sun holiday - Our Little House in the Country #vacation #holiday #sun holiday #travel tips #travelling with kids #travelling as a family

Welcome to part 2 of our travel tips series. In case you missed part 1, you can read all about what we pack for carry-on luggage in our post Tips for Travelling With Kids Part 1 – Carry-on Luggage.  I love reading other people’s travel tips so please feel free to add yours in the comments or if you have a post about travelling with children we would love if you shared it with us on our Facebook page and we would be delighted to read and share in on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Over the years I have become better at packing but I must admit I still find it really difficult to pack lightly.  However I do think I have started to pack more smartly! This is what and how we pack, with a checklist below.  The focus of this post is a summer trip.


  • I tend to pack an outfit per day per person plus an extra one and a change of clothes in carry on luggage or easily reachable bag in the car.
  • Pack each kid’s outfit in a ziploc bag – include everything – underwear, hair accessories, socks etc. I also tend to roll each outfit together – less wrinkles and fits better in bags/cases
  • Bring travel laundry detergent such as
  • 2 pairs of shoes per person – sandals and trainers (summer), boots and shoes (winter).
  • 2 swimming costumes per person – handy to have a dry one, especially for younger children who get cold quite quickly after being in the water.  We usually strip off the wet suit, pop on a dry one and the other dry in the sun while they continue to play.
  • 1 light weight hoody or pullover for summer trips.
  • 1 light weight rain jacket (usually I throw in full rain gear especially when travelling within Ireland and the UK)
  • Sunglasses and hats for all


  • colouring books, drawing pads, twistable crayon and markers
  • sticker books
  • play doh
  • ziploc bag of lego
  • teddies
  • playing cards
  • matching cards
  • small selection of cars or little figures – dinosaurs, animals, cartoon figures etc.
  • Mini magna doodle boards

Family Packing list and tips - packing for a sun holiday - Our Little House in the Country #vacation #holiday #sun holiday #travel tips #travelling with kids #travelling as a family


Need tips for packing carry-on luggage you can check out our post here.  But here’s a sneak preview:

Carry on luggage checklist

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Please share your tips in the comments below or link your posts about travelling with kids to our Facebook page and we will share them on FacebookPinterest and Twitter.


Happy travelling!

Ciara x

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