Super Hero LOTTIE (review)

Super Hero Lottie Doll Review – Girls can be superheroes too!

My little girl Oodles (3) and I are Lottie Doll Ambassadors and we recently received our latest exciting delivery from LOTTIE HQ! So, today we will be sharing with you our thoughts on Super Lottie!

Super Lottie Designer – Lily age 6


Super Lottie was launched in October 2014  – the first of a kind – a girl superhero doll, designed by a child for children.  So what’s so special about Super Lottie?  Well, as I said she was designed by a little girl, six year old Lily from Ohio, USA who created the winning design as part of a global competition, independently judged by the Brave Girls Alliance, earlier in the year.  Uniquely, the set marks the first time that a crowd-sourced design by a child has gone into commercial production. As per the Lottie ethos, Super Lottie provides a positive role model for children, she is an age appropriate doll with zero sexualisation and very clearly makes the point that girls can be superheroes too – something that Oodles is very happy about!

About Lily – Super Lottie designer:

As part of her entry, Lily was asked to define Super Lottie’s abilities. Lily’s response was one designed to inspire girls who play with Lottie dolls, to acknowledge and embrace their potential, and accept who they are: ‘Super Lottie has the power to be anything, to do anything, and to make the world a better place. She is unique and special in her own way’.

The competition was a result of a campaign launched to demonstrate that girls can be superheroes too.  A poll conducted among parents, demonstrated a severe lack of female representation in the world of super-powers, where of the top female superhero characters popularised by comic creators and film-makers, not one could be identified by 100% of respondents. In stark contrast, four male superhero characters could be identified by 100% of respondents; Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Hulk.

Commenting on the winning design, Lucie Follett, Creative Director at Arklu, says: “It’s great to see how the Lottie message ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You’ has been listened to and interpreted by kids all over the world. Girls WILL be superheroes in 2014!”

Nancy Gruver of Brave Girls Alliance says: “All of the entries showed the strong voices and powerful ambitions girls have, and we are very excited to see the awesome winning outfit available to purchase globally!”

Lily’s mother, Greta, continues: “Lily loves superheroes and art! She likes to play superheroes at recess… usually with the boys because the other girls won’t. We’re excited to see the reaction by other girls to Lily’s creation and hope that it brings great fun and enjoyment, as well as open their minds to the world of superpowers”.

What we love about Lottie dolls:

Lottie dolls became the first fashion dolls to display childlike characteristics; a healthy childlike body shape, childlike clothing (no make-up, high heels, tattoos, etc) and wholesome activities.  In 2014, Arklu took things a step further by introducing a range of dolls exploring gender empowering, adventurous themes.

If like me, you think that many dolls available are inappropriate both in shape and appearance for young children then Lottie is for you! Lottie first appeared on the market in 2012 as the first ever “pro-girl” doll.  It is designed for girls aged 3 – 9 years with a lot of input from leading academics and educationalists with the aim of promoting positive body image, creative and imaginative play, steering away from the premature and over sexualisation of young girls.

Lottie has a “normal” healthy childlike body, does not wear make up or adult clothing and promotes positive role models and characters for young girls.  All accessories and clothing are age appropriate and you will not find any high heals or scanty clothes. She is a beautiful doll, with big eyes and a really friendly face.  And her smaller size (7″/18cm) makes her ideal for little hands and extremely  handy for taking out and about.

Super Lottie Accessory Set:

We absolutely loved the Superhero outfit.  It is well made, relatively easy to put on and take off.  I particularly love how easy the boots are to put on as they have a slit down the back so Oodles was well able to dress her herself.  It is colourful and sparkly, girly yet strong, and superhero-ish.  My little boy Dooldes (5) is a huge superhero fan and he was super impressed with Super Lottie, in fact Super Lottie spent quite a lot of time in his possession playing superheroes alongside his Batman and Spiderman toys!

We absolutely love Lottie Dolls and we are so delighted to be brand ambassadors for these fantastic dolls!

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Twitter: @Lottie_dolls


We absolutely love our Lottie doll and I suspect with a birthday and Christmas coming up that there will be requests from our little lady for more Lottie dolls and accessories.  We give it a fantastic 10/10 and highly recommend it as a great positive, non gender stereotypical toy – promoting positive body image, creative imaginative play, encouraging and empowering girls to be adventurous and resourceful and as the Lottie motto says “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You”.

Have fun!

Ciara x

Disclosure: as a Lottie Doll Brand Ambassador I received a complimentary doll in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All views and opinions are purely my own.




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