5 Halloween Party Games for all the Family

Party games always add to the fun of Halloween!  These 5 games have been family favourites for years and years!

5 Halloween Party Games - Family Friendly Fun - Our Little House in the Country

As Halloween draws ever closer, only 2 days to go, all my kids can talk about is Halloween, costumes, ghosts, goblins, trick or treating and dunking for apples!  Over the past few days we have been talking a lot about our favourite Halloween party games, so, today I am sharing out top 5 Halloween games – no doubt you are familiar with most!

Our Top 5 Halloween Party Games:

  1. Bobbing or dunking for apples:  When I think of Halloween games, this immediately comes to mind!  Filkl a basin with lots of water (too little water makes it too easy but may be a good way to introduce this game to younger kiddies).  Float a number of apples in the basin.  Each player puts their hands behind their back and tries to catch an apple in their mouth without using there their hands at all!  Really great wet and messy fun!
  2. Snap apple: Tie strings around apples and suspend them from the ceiling, or door frame. You may need to adjust the length so that the apples are at mouth height or lower. Each player must attempt to eat the entire apple without touching it with their hands. Alternatively a  prize can be given to the person who gets the first bite out of their apple. It is quite tricky, and you may want to change apples for donuts for younger children.
  3. Flour game:  I loved this as a child.  Make a mound with flour and place a grape or raisin on the top of the mound. Each player takes a turn at slicing the flour away using a knife, trying not to let the grape/raisin fall.  Whoever causes the grape or raisin to fall must try and retrieve the grape using only their mouth by putting their face in the flour!  This game produces lots of ghost like faces and is so so much fun!
  4. Mummy race:  This game is perfect if you have a number of children at your party.  Split into teams of three.  Choose one Mummy per team.  Give each team lots of rolls of toilet paper.  Each team must race to create a  mummy by wrapping toilet paper around their “Mummy” team mate.  The first team to successfully cover their team mate in toilet paper  and create a mummy is the winner!
  5. Monster Mash Musical Statues:  There are lots of monster themed and halloween themed compilation cds and playlists out there.  Played just like traditional musical statues but using monster music.  We usually try to dance like monsters and zombies and when the music stops, players must freeze in a scary monster pose!

We are really looking forward to Halloween.  Our home has been decorated for weeks at this stage (if you follow us on Instagram you will have seen lots of pumpkins and ghouls appearing over the past few weeks!).  As it is Midterm break here in Ireland, the schools on a break so we have been enjoying a lovely week off.  Doodles is dressing up as Frankenstein this year and his little sister Oodles is dressing up as a princess witch!!!!  We will be playing lots of Halloween games and once it gets dark we will be heading to our local part where there will be a bonfire, BBQ, games and lots of tricks and treats!

Stay safe!

Ciara x

What are your Halloween Party favourites?


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