5 Tips for Supporting Your Child as They Start School for the First Time

My little boy has started school! How fast the years fly by! Two weeks ago my little boy Doodles started primary school.  So when I was approached to participate in the Fairy Non Bio Power of Soft Campaign (“encouraging parents to make the most of those oh-so-soft cuddles with their little ones while they can!”), it hit a chord with me. How could my little buddy be a school kid already?  Where did the past 5 years go? 5 Tips for Supporting Your Child as They Start School For the First Time - Our Little House in the CountryI remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday, my tiny little guy in the SCBU, attached to all sorts of drips and monitors and then that amazing day I got to hold him for the very first time a day later.  It feels likes like only months ago that we introduced him to his baby sister, she is now almost 3!  Every parent I know has remarked at some stage or other on how fast the years fly by when you have children. That they would love to slow the passing of time.  That there’s never enough time for snuggles and cuddles.  That it feels like no time time since they were holding their new bundle of joy. 5 amazing years, jammed packed with memories of my little bum shuffler scooting along on his bottom, of very cute preschool concerts, of him caring for his little sister, of him running wild and carefree with his little buddies around our garden, of his absolute wonder, awe and joy at meeting Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, and of all of those wonderful snuggles and cuddles in our bed every morning! All of these wonderful events have brought us to this day!  My little boy is becoming a big kid!  He is a school kid!  He is venturing out into the world and embarking on an exciting big adventure!  Even though I have been a little sad during this time I am also so happy and proud of our wonderful little boy and I just love seeing him heading off in his uniform with his enormous school bag on his bag every morning.  And I make sure that we have an extra big hug every morning before he walks off across the school yard to a day full of fun and learning! Today in conjunction with Fairy Non Bio,  I would like to share with you 5 things you can do to support your child in these early days of Primary school.

5 Tips for Supporting Your Child as They Start School for the First Time

  1. Slow down and simplify: Starting school is a huge transition for all children, some adapt quicker and better than others but for most it is a time of big change. Allow your child time to adjust.  Slow things down, simplify your schedule, reduce the number of activities etc.  Spend time unwinding together each day, take a stroll outside, read a book together, snuggle on the couch and watch a movie, spend a few extra minutes chatting at bedtime.
  2. Expect a rollercoaster of emotions from your child: Don’t be surprised if your child starts to have meltdowns, tantrums, is more teary or grouchy than normal! This is perfectly normal.  Be prepared for every sort of emotional reaction from your child over those first few weeks – there may be tears, over excitement, shyness, giddiness, irritability, you name it, each child deals with change differently and while there may be no tears only excitement on the first morning don’t be alarmed if there are tears the next – this is not a sign that they had a bad experience, it’s just their little way of dealing with change/stress/tiredness etc.  This is perfectly normal and should be expected.  Children see their parents or primary care givers as their safe haven, where they know the routine, what to expect, etc.  So venturing into the unknown without mum or dad can be frightening but is usually overcome quite quickly.  Talk to your child about how they feel, encourage them to describe their feelings about starting school.  Read some books about starting school together. Be patient, maybe make a few allowances for those difficult moments. And lots of cuddles and snuggles will do wonders to reassure your little boy or girl.
  3. Let go: one of the biggest gifts you can give your child is the ability to be independent and responsible. Encourage them to be responsible for their own belongings.  After the first few mornings, give them a gentle little push to make their own way to the line in the school yard or the classroom door, give a big hug, say goodbye, give a little wave, walk away, as hard as it may feel especially if they are upset (I have had to do this on a number of mornings over the past 2 weeks).  They will be fine, trust the teachers, believe me, they will take care of your little one (I should know as I am one!).  In no time they will be dashing off across the playground without a backward glance!
  4. Morning routine:Children who come to school happy, relaxed and organised tend to do better and settle better. Ensure that there isn’t a big rush every morning to get ready for school.  Prepare clothes, lunches, bags etc the night before, involve the children in this.  Get up a little earlier and try and slow your morning down if possible.  This will help reduce any anxiety your child may have about starting school and will keep everyone calmer and happier – mum included.  Make your first interactions as family each day as happy and positive as possible.  Take time to say goodmorning, have a cuddle, say a few gentle words of encouragement when your child wakes up. Set up a simple picture schedule for your children with a list of what they need to do to be ready for school that they can check each day. Aim to keep your mornings as calm and stress free as possible.
  5. Celebrate: Snuggle up and celebrate all things your child has achieved since birth. Have a cuddle, look at photos or mementoes, share your treasured memories of them as babies, toddlers, preschoolers. Celebrate this big milestone, this new phase of their life and let them know that you will always be there to support them in any way you can as they venture out into the world with an extra big hug or two!!!

Fairy Non Bio are encouraging parents to embrace every moment, to embrace the Power of Soft as movingly depicted in this video – Fairy Non Bio – The Softest They’ll Ever Be.

Wishing you and your child the very best for the school year ahead!

Ciara x

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  I received Fairy Non-Bio Products and payment for it.  All views and opinions expressed are purely my own.

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