Our Top 5 Messy Play Ideas from Pinterest

top 5 messy play ideas

When it comes to play in this house, the messier the better!  I am constantly for new, fun and MESSY ideas for Doodles and Oodles to try.  These are 5 of our favourite most recent finds from Pinterest!  Check out my group board – Outdoor Fun and Messy Play ideas on Pinterest, follow it and I’ll send you an invite to pin on it if you want!


  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar Eruptions – this is a real favourite with Doodles.  He never tires of creating these mini volcanic-like eruptions, great fun, easy to do, requires very little preparation.  We got this idea from Live, Play, Imagine, a really brilliant source for play and activity ideas.
  2. Puffy Paint – over the years I have done a variation on this in the classroom.  We had really great fun using this recipe from Inner Child Fun – another amazing site with tonnes of creative ideas.
  3. Flubber, Gak – we got our idea for this from Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas.  We substituted cornflour/corn starch for the borax though as we didn’t have any.
  4. Gloop – we have been playing with gloop for years.  You can take a look at our previous post on fun with green gloop here.  As this is our top 5 messy play Pins, here’s the link to Rainy Day Mum, one of my favourite blogs for activities for children, and her post of fun with Gloop.
  5. Shaving Foam Fun – what I love about messy play is that it is so simple and you can’t get more simple than mixing shaving foam and food colouring and squishing your hands around in it and having fun.  Here’s a great post about shaving foam fun from a blogger I love to follow on Pinterest – One Perfect Day

Hope you have as much fun with these messy play ideas as we have had.messy play

Ciara x

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