5 Gorgeous Books to Celebrate Mother’s Day

mothers day booksIt is Mother’s Day here in Ireland on Sunday 30th March.  These are 5 beautiful children’s books for you to read with your children to celebrate Mothers everywhere!

  1. I love my mum I Love my Mum – a gorgeous, simple little picture book about the bond between mum and child – Ollie the Zebra and his mummy,  by Anna Walker.
  2. mummy and meMummy and Me – a colourfully illustrated story about Humber and his mum and all the fun things they do together  by Emma Chichester Clarki want my mum
  3. I Want My Mum – this was one of our books of the week recently.  A funny, rhyming toddler friendly book about Little Princess and her mum, by Tony Ross.  Take a look at my post about this book here.
  4. why i love my mummyWhy I Love My Mummy – Illustrated by Daniel Howarth, this beautiful book explains why children love their mummies, in their own words.  A very cute book.  Perfect for snuggle time or bedtime.my muumy
  5. My Mummy – An all-time favourite in our house by Paula Metcalf and illustrated by Lucy Barnard.  You can read all about this fantastic book here.

Hope you enjoy these gorgeous and cute books.  Happy Mother’s Day to mummies everywhere but especially to those celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday (Ireland and UK)!

Ciara x


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