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Ice Lolly Sticks Rafts (Simple Wine Cork Crafts for Kids)

Ice Lolly Stick Mini Rafts - simple crafts fro kids - Our Little House in the Country

These ice lolly sticks and wine cork rafts are so much fun and simple to make! Lollypop stick rafts: What you need: Wine corks Paper Cocktail sticks or wooden skewers Ice lolly sticks Blue tack or playdough PVA glue What you do: Place two lolly sticks slightly apart. Cover both sticks in PVA glue Place more lolly sticks across these

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Our Big Blue Activity Box, aka “The What To Do When I’m Bored Box” – 15 activity ideas

Today, I have decided to share the contents of our “Big Blue Activity Box”. Back in early January I found that both of my children were grouchy and irritable and weren’t playing with toys or anything for that matter. They would not play independently and I was completely worn out plus we were battling colds and sore throats etc.  I

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(Kids) Rainy Day Survival Plan (and a little moan!)

Just when I thought Spring was well and truly under way, the storms returned.  It is dark and dreary, very wet and windy outside!  We got soaked running from the house to the car and car to school on the school run this morning!  Doodles and Oodles were delighted as they got to use their Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig

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