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2 Quick and Easy Hedgehog Art Projects – Autumn / Fall Art for Kids

2 Quick and Easy Hedgehog Art Projects - Autumn Fall Art for Kids

2 Quick and Easy Hedgehog Art Projects for Kids. Oodles (almost 3yo) and I had alot of fun with these two little paint projects this morning.Since we made our hedgehog collages last week she has been eager to do some more hedgehog activities and these are what we came up with. 1. Sponge Painting Hedgehogs What we used: paint pot

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Bubble Painting with Straws – Indoor Messy Art Fun, Perfect for a Rainy Day

Bubble Painting- Messy Art Fun, Perfect Activity for a Rainy Day - Our Little House in the Country #art #kidsactivities #messyplay #bubblepaint

Today we had a really thundery afternoon, with lots of heavy rain downpours – a perfect day for messy art.  I had been planning on doing some bubble painting with straws for awhile now as I love to do this in school and I knew that Doodles and Oodles would absolutely love it!  Little did I know that we would

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(Kids) Rainy Day Survival Plan (and a little moan!)

Just when I thought Spring was well and truly under way, the storms returned.  It is dark and dreary, very wet and windy outside!  We got soaked running from the house to the car and car to school on the school run this morning!  Doodles and Oodles were delighted as they got to use their Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig

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