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Match Stick Mini Rafts (Another Simple Wine Cork Craft for Kids)

Match Stick Floating Mini Rafts - Simple Wine Cork Crafts for Kids - Our little House in the Country

Match stick mini rafts: What you need: Wine corks Paper Match sticks Elastic bands Cocktail sticks or wooden skewers Ice lolly sticks Blue tack or playdough PVA glue What you do: Attach 3 wine corks together by wrapping 2 elastic bands around the corks ensuring that the lie flat like a raft. (I had to do this for my kids)

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Valentine’s Cupid Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day Cupid Crafts for Kids - Our Little House in the Country

5 Valentine’s Day Cupid Crafts Cupid’s Arrows Valentine’s Day Craft – Life is a Party Valentine’s Arrows and Quiver – A Night Owl Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Treats – One Little Project Valentine Cupid’s Arrow Craft – Craftaholics Anonymous Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrows Pencil Toppers – Momdot   Happy Valentine’s Day! Ciara xx

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Toilet Rolls and Cotton Wool Snowmen – A Preschool Winter Craft

Toilet Roll and Cotton Wool Snowmen - A winter Preschool Craft - Our Little House in the Country

Cotton wool and toilet roll snowmen – a perfect craft for preschoolers and toddlers! Much to our disappointment we have had no snow yet this year – there’s a small possibility of some in the next day or two!  So we have been making do with reading about snow in our winter book collection and these super cute snowmen were

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Summer Butterfly Collages: An Invitation to Create – using materials as a stimulus

Summer Butterfly Collages, an invitation to create, using materials as a stimulus - Our Little House in the Country

  I love to wander around “Euro” or “Pound” shops looking out for bits and pieces to use in art projects or play activities. On one such trip recently I found these card butterfly cut outs.  I’m not a huge fan of using templates and cut outs but I find if they are used in the right way they can

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(Kids) Green Gloop Messy Play – St Patrick’s Day Fun

Messy Play Alert! Sticking with our St. Patrick’s Day theme we decided to enjoy some outdoor messy play with Green Gloop today! Spring has finally arrived after months of horrendous storms and we have been making the most of the good weather and getting out as much as possible.  We even managed a trip to the beach yesterday.  It was

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(Kids) Gloriously green play dough fun- St Patrick’s Day Festivities

St Patrick’s Day is Monday, 17th March. It’s our national day here in Ireland. It’s a weekend of fun and frolics and a celebration of all things Irish. It also means a day off school and work! In preparation for the weekend ahead we’ve been having a little fun with some St Patrick’s Day themed activities. Today’s fun included exploring

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