(Books for Children) Oodles’ Book of the Week – My Mummy by Paula Metcalf & Lucy Barnard

PicMonkey CollageMy mummy coverThis week’s book is My Mummy, written by Paula Metcalf and illustrated by Lucy Barnard.  I know this book inside out and off by heart.  This is by far Oodles’ favourite book!  I if you look closely at the photos you will see the tell-tale signs of a well-loved, well read, well-worn book – crinkly pages, dog eared cover, little milk stains, etc.  Every night for almost 3 months solid I read this book to her.  My hubby Mr G, used to laugh at me, “reading” this book in the pitch dark at 3am if she woke and needed help getting back to sleep– I know every last word of it so didn’t need the light on to read it!!!  She objected greatly to me removing this book from her room last night so that I could write this – “Why are you taking my teddy book away?  I miss my teddy book!” were the howls that came from her little princess bed yesterday evening!!!!bear1

We love this book for so many reasons.  Number one is that it reminds of O and me and our daily adventures! O is at home with me all day!  She laughs and giggles her way through it every time we read it, often pointing to the pictures saying “that’s you drinking coffee mama” or “that’s you singing silly songs”.  This book is perfect for bed time.  There is a lullaby quality to it, a smooth, melodic rhythm.  And yes, if you’ve read my other post about toddler books you know what’s coming next, it rhymes!

PicMonkey Collage2What makes this a great choice for a 2 year old?

  1. Beautiful, colourful, attention grabbing illustrations.
  2. Simple, rhythmic, rhyming text.
  3. Minimal text per page.
  4. Reflects real life scenarios of a 2 year old/toddler.
  5. Has a lullaby quality making it perfect for bedtime.
  6. Reflects the special bond between a toddler and their parent.bear2

I hope you enjoy this book as much as we have!

Tip for choosing books for toddlers:  choose a story depicting real life scenarios.  Toddlers love connecting with the world around them and identifying their place in the world and things and situations that they are familiar with.

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