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Sunflowers – Handprint Art for Kids

Sunflowers - Handprint Art for Kids - Our Little House in the Country #sunflowers #autumn #fall #handprints

Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers and each year we try to grow them.  We haven’t been very successful this year but still managed these lovelies in the picture below.  So using these cheerful, sunny flowers as inspiration we set about our most recent art activity – again this is quick and simple and suitable for all ages from

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Painting with Water Pistols – Outdoor Summer Fun!

Painting with Water Pistols - More Messy Outdoor Summer Art Fun! - Our Little House in the Country #waterguns #waterpistols #summer #kidsactivities #artforkids

We’ve been experiencing a heatwave here in recent days – stunning, hot, sunny weather, my favourite type except for snow!!!!  We have been taking our activities outdoors and finding lots of fun and creative ways to play and learn in the sun!  For our recent Water Themed Birthday party we bought several cheap and cheerful water pistols at a discount

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What’s Inside the Ice-Cube? – Outdoor Summer Fun!

What's Inside The Giant Ice Cube? - Super Outdoor Fun - Our Little House in the Country #iceplay #kidsactivities #gianticecube #summer

Number 81 on our 100 Days of Summer Bucket list is “Discover what’s inside the giant ice cube!”.  Doodles and Oodles have been dying to try this out since I showed them a number of similar activities on other blogs and Pinterest!  Doodles actually did this at nursery when he was 2 or 3 years old and has often referred

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Beach Themed Invitation to Play – Small World Play and Sensory Play

Beach themed Invitation to Play - Sensory and Imaginative Play- Our Little House in the Country #invitationtoplay #sensoryplay #imaginativeplay #summer

A Beach Themed sensory play activity was on our 100 Days of Summer Bucket List and this week we had we had the opportunity to cross it off our list and have a whole lot of fun doing it! So, what is an invitation to play (you may have seen this term used on this blog and elsewhere before)? Simply,

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How to Make a Fairy Tale Castle – Outdoor Summer Fun for Kids!

How to Make a Fairy Tale Castle - Outdoor Summer Fun for Kids - Our Little House int he Country #outdoorfun #summer #kids #fairytalecastle #pretendplay #artsandcrafts

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I absolutely loved to build houses, tents, dens, castles, clubhouses etc.  My two monkeys are exactly the same and when our chickens and their coop arrived last Sunday (more about that later!) they were far more excited about the two huge cardboard boxes the flat pack chicken coop came

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Feet Painting or Printing- Outdoor Messy Summer Fun for Kids!

Messy Summer Outdoor Creative Fun - Feet Painting or Printing - Our Little House in the Country #summer #kids #kidsactivities

As the weather is gloriously sunny at the moment we have been doing nearly all of our activities outdoors.  Over the weekend we had the opportunity to do several art projects outside, you may have seen our Miniature Garden project which was really great fun.  Another little project that we had great fun with was feet painting – this also

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Miniature Gardens – Outdoor Summer Fun!

How To Create A Minaiture Garden - Outdoor Creative Summer Fun For Kids - Our Little House in the Country #summer #outdoorfun #kidsactivities

This morning while lazing in bed in true Sunday morning fashion I came across a tweet from Nicola who blogs at Multicraftingmummy.  She had tweeted a link to a recent post she had done for MumRx. (I love Nicola’s blog, we blog about similar things, have similar aged children and she lives along the east coast of Ireland too, so

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