Knitted Mini Pumpkins

Knitted Mini Pumpkins

**super quick and easy Halloween knitting project!**
(suitable for any child with basic knitting skills)

Knitted Mini Pumpkins - a quick and easy knitting project for children with basic knitting skills - Our Little House in the CountryWhat you need:

– 4mm knitting needles
– Orange wool
– Green wool
– Black wool or black embroidery thread
– Googly eyes

What you do:

– cast on 10 (small), 12(medium) or 14 (large) stitches using orange wool
– garter stitch 35, 40 or 45 rows
– cast off

To make up:

– sew the cast on and cast off edges together
– gather one set of row ends by passing a darning needle through the loops at the end of each row, pull tightly and secure
– turn right side out
– stuff (I usually use in stuffing from an old pillow or cotton wool if I have no stuffing!)
– gather the row ends in the same way as above and pull tight
– instead of securing and fastening off, pass the needle and yarn through the centre of the pumpkin, pull tightly and a indent forms, secure tightly to create pumpkin shape.
– using black wool, sew a zig zag mouth
– for the stalks, cast on 4 stitches in green, garter stitch 3 rows and cast off, sew the edges together and attach to each pumpkin
– glue on googly eyes!

Have fun!
Ciara x

Looking for more Halloween crafts and ideas, then take a look at our Halloween Pinterest board!


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