Fuzzy Wuzzy PomPom Monsters

PopPom Monsters are a great simple Halloween craft for kids.  These cute little guys have been the centre of much monster fun and mayhem at Our Little House in the Country!Fuzzy Wuzzy PomPom Monsters - Easy Halloween Craft for Kids - Our Little House in the Country 1

Super Easy PomPoms

I used to love making pompoms as a child but they can be tedious and sometimes tricky for younger children if using the traditional method of using two circular pieces of card.  So, I used this as an excuse to spend even more time on Pinterest (as if I need an excuse!) and went about looking for an easier way for little hands to make pompoms.  I came across this great, very easy method from Mom On Timeout!  We wanted to make slightly bigger pompoms so we wrapped the wool around 4 fingers instead of two!  Pop over to Mom on Timeout for step by step instructions on how to make super easy pompoms.

Fuzzy Wuzzy PomPom Monsters - Easy Halloween Craft for Kids - Our Little House in the Country 1What we did:

  1.  We made several pompoms of various sizes using the above method.
  2. Using PVA glue we attached some googly eyes.
  3. I had laid out some materials such as shredded paper, pipe cleaners, small pompoms, stars etc  I encouraged Doodles (5) and Oodles (almost 3) to use these bits and pieces to add details to their monsters.
  4. We wrapped pipe cleaners around our fingers to make spirals for ears and antennae.
  5. For legs and arms we folded the pipe cleaners into zigzags.
  6. To attach we wrapped the pipe cleaners around some of the wool in the pompoms.
  7. Ribbons and bows were tied onto some of little monsters too.
  8. Basically, anything goes!  Be creative!

Be creative, have fun!

Ciara x


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