Construction Play Outdoors – Using Garden Cuttings!

Construction Play Outdoors - Using Garden Cuttings - Our Little House in the CountryMy 4 year old son Doodles is absolutely obsessed with all things building and construction related.  I f he’s quiet then I know not to worry as he is probably playing with Lego or bricks or pieces of recycled rubbish and building some sort of a contraption!!!!  I even had to ask his preschool teacher to discourage him from playing in the construction corner at school all the day everyday and encourage to him to do other activities!

Construction Play 3Construction Play Obsessed - Lego, Blocks, Cubes, Tent Building - you name it Doodles loves it! (and so does his little sister!)

Construction Play Obsessed – Lego, Blocks, Cubes, Tent Building – you name it Doodles loves it! (and so does his little sister!)

We have been cutting back all of our hedges and trees and shrubs over the past few weeks – we have a huge garden so this has been a massive job (now finished thank God!).  Anyway, as a result of all this work there has been a tonne of garden debris stacked up in a pile waiting to be shredded.  Doodles has been keeping an eye on this with great curiosity, I could almost see the cogs turning as he planned in his mind what he could use all the branches for.

Construction Play 1Construction 2

Yesterday afternoon, as soon as he got home from preschool, he set to work!  He hauled as many of the big branches as he could into the middle of our front lawn and began to build his fort.  He worked away until he was happy with his circular fort.  He then happily played in his fort for most of the afternoon.  He just amazes me everyday with his building ideas.  He will use absolutely anything he can find to build.  There is always another use for all of our rubbish, be it garden cuttings, toilet rolls, boxes, etc.  Why not let your little engineers lose with these materials and see what they will create.


Ciara x
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The Finished Product – Fort Doodles!

Construction Play 5The Finished Product



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