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Camping Activities for Kids

10 Camping Activities for Families - Our Little House in the Country

We love camping as a family and we tend to take our camping trips as the perfect excuse to unplug and leave our devices at home.  We do take our phone but as a rule turn off our data settings and only use them for necessary calls and texts.   So while we are enjoying a screen free weekend or

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The Ultimate Guide to Travelling With Children

The Ultimate Guide to Family Travel - Our Little House in the Country - 100+ tips and tricks - camping, air travel, road trips, cruising, beach holidays, packing, safety, activities

With the school summer holidays only weeks away I have only one thing on my mind – our summer travel plans.  I am so excited about our upcoming vacation to France and the other trips we have planned for the summer!  I have written before about my own personal tips for travelling with young children and today I would like

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5 Tips for Supporting Your Child as They Start School for the First Time

5 Tips for Supporting Your Child as They Start School For the First Time - Our Little House in the Country

My little boy has started school! How fast the years fly by! Two weeks ago my little boy Doodles started primary school.  So when I was approached to participate in the Fairy Non Bio Power of Soft Campaign (“encouraging parents to make the most of those oh-so-soft cuddles with their little ones while they can!”), it hit a chord with

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