Preparing Your Child to Start School – 20 Tips for a Smooth Transition and Happy Start to School.

I previously published this in 2014 – time really flies! Hopefully some helpful pointers for this time of the year! Happy Back to School! Ciara x

Our Little House in the Country

Starting school for the first time is an exciting and huge step in any child’s life.  We have 20 tips to make this transition easier and enjoyable.20 Tips for Preparing Your Child to Start School - #startingschool #backtoschoolOver the years I have offered the following tips many times, this however, is the first time that I will have to take my own advice as a parent of a 5 year old who is about to start school.  He cannot wait to start school, has his uniform and school bag already and constantly asks when is school starting.  I, on the other hand, can barely talk about it without a lump forming in my throat, which brings me onto tip number one of our 10 tips for preparing your child for school.

Dealing with the emotions of starting school (kiddies and parents!)

1.  Talk about school positively but realistically.  Be enthusiastic when talking about school, but don’t make it out to…

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