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Cardboard Box Monsters – Halloween Crafts for Kids

Monster Madness - Cardboard Box Monsters - Halloween Craft for Kids - Our Little House in the Country

Monster Madness has taken over Our Little House in the Country. These cardboard box monsters were so much fun to make! A favourite book of ours at the moment is Scaredy Boo by Claire Freedman & Russell Julian.  Doodles (5) has been very busy drawing his own monsters based on the little monsters in this book so we decided to

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Fuzzy Wuzzy PomPom Monsters

Fuzzy Wuzzy PomPom Monsters - Easy Halloween Craft for Kids - Our Little House in the Country 1

PopPom Monsters are a great simple Halloween craft for kids.  These cute little guys have been the centre of much monster fun and mayhem at Our Little House in the Country! Super Easy PomPoms I used to love making pompoms as a child but they can be tedious and sometimes tricky for younger children if using the traditional method of

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10 Spooktacular Halloween Picture Books for Children

10 Spooktacular Halloween Picture Books - Our Little House in the Country

There are so many fantastic picture books about Halloween, however some can be quite scary especially for the more sensitive child.  With that in mind we have compiled our favourite spooky stories for younger children from our vast collection of books! Our Top 10 Halloween Picture Books The Night Before Halloween – Natasha Wing & Cynthia Fisher: A spooktacular take

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5 Fab Non Fiction Autumn, Fall, Halloween Books for Kids

5 Non Fiction Autumn, Fall, Halloween Books for Kids - Our Little House in the Country

These 5 books for younger children about Autumn/Fall and Halloween are great for teaching children about the season and associated festivals in a simple and informative manner with some great photos and facts! Our Top 5 Non Fiction Books about Autumn and Halloween Halloween – National Geographic Kids- Laura Marsh:  This is a fantastic Level 1 book jam packed with

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Halloween Playdough – A Ghoulish Invitation to Play and Create!

Halloween Playdough Invitation to Play and Learn #halloween #playdough #invitationtoplay

Playdough provides children with endless possibilities to play and create as well as developing all sorts of physical and cognitive skills.  As Halloween is not a million miles off, I thought it was time to make some Halloween inspired playdough and invite my little munchkins to get creepily creative!!!!!! After Christmas, Halloween is my favourite holiday! Mind you, I love

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Cornstarch / Cornflour Dough Pumpkin Hanging Decorations

Cornstarch Dough Pumpkin Hanging Decorations - #fall #autumn #crafts for #kids #halloween - Our Little House in the Country

Cornstarch dough is the perfect dough for making decorations to hang on a tree.  These cute little pumpkins are great for this time of year to add an autumnal feel plus they are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving too! We have a plain white tree/branch in a tin bucket in our home all year round.  As the seasons change we

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