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Yummy After School Snack – Mixed Autumn Vegetable Soup

Homemade Autumn Vegetable Soup Recipe - a perfect after school snack - Our Little House in the Country

Homemade Autumn / Fall Vegetable Soup – a perfect after school snack Homemade soup and some brown bread or a bread roll is a perfect after school snack plus its a great way of getting lots of fresh vegetables into children! I make a big pot of this soup or something similar every Sunday so that it is to hand

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Autumn / Fall Coloured Play Dough – Quick and Simple Recipe

Autumn / Fall Coloured Playdough - A Quick and Simple Recipe - Our Little House in the Country

A quick and simple recipe for Autumn / Fall coloured playdough. This playdough is perfect for all sorts of autumn themed play activities. It quick and simple to make and should last for a number of weeks if kept in an air tight container in the fridge. Ingredients: (per individual colour) 1 cup flour 1 cup salt 1 tsp ground

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Autumn / Fall Themed Pinterest Boards – Lots of Activities, Crafts, Books and Décor Ideas!

Autumn / Fall & Halloween Themed Boards - Our Little House in the Country

Pinterest – one my favourite little spots on the web! I love Pinterest, in fact Pinterest is probably one of the reasons I started this blog!  This time of year Pinterest is overflowing with ideas for Autumn, Halloween and dare I say, Christmas! Today I am sharing some of our Autumn / Fall themed boards that are packed with tonnes

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Scarecrow Wooden Spoon Puppet – Autumn / Fall Crafts for Kids

Scarecrow Wooden Spoon Puppets - Autumn / Fall Crafts for Kids - Our Little House in the Country

Our list of autumn / fall crafts and activities is growing by the day. Why not try our latest – a cute Harvest Scarecrow Puppet! My kids love puppets and putting on their own puppet shows.  They also love scarecrows. And they absolutely love this scarecrow puppet I made while Doodles was at school and O was taking a nap

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Hedgehogs – Leaf and Paper Collages – Autumn / Fall Preschool Craft

Hedgehogs - Leaf and Paper Collages - Autumn/Fall Preschool Craft Our Little House int he Country

Hedgehogs always remind me of Autumn, and these collages are a lovely, simple preschool Fall activity to celebrate the season. We have a hedgehog who regularly helps himself to our cat’s food at night before hibernating for the winter, so my kiddies were delighted to create their own paper version of “Hedgy”, our little prickly buddy! We have lots of

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Scarecrow Collages – Autumn / Fall Crafts for Kids

Scarecrow Collage - Autumn Craft for Preschoolers - Our Little House in the Country

Scarecrow collages are a great Autumn/Fall craft for younger children.  Hope you have as much fun making these as we did! Continuing with our autumn theme we have been looking at scarecrows and using a variety of materials to make collages.  My little girl Oodles (2.5yo) and I made these but they are suitable for preschoolers and children in the

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Clay Autumn Leaves – Fall Crafts for Kids

Clay Autumn Leaves - Falls Crafts for Kids - #fall #autumn #crafts #kids

Clay Autumn Leaves – a great, simple Fall craft for all ages.  It’s amazing what you can make with a little clay, glue and glitter! Disclosure: I received the clay used in this activity from as a free sample in return for a fair and honest review.  All thoughts are my own. I often get my inspiration for our

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Cotton Wool Autumn Trees – Fall Art Activities for Kids

Cotton Wool Autumn Trees - Fall Art Activities for Kids - Our Little House in the Country #autumn #fall #kidsactivities #artsandcrafts

Another quick and easy Autumn/Fall art activity for kids of all ages.  Continuing our theme of autumn arts and crafts, Oodles (2.5 y.o) had lots of fun with this collage activity. What we used: blue, green and brown paper cotton wool balls PVA non toxic glue paint – autumn colours glitter What we did: tear the green paper to create

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