5 Autumn /Fall Books for Preschoolers

These 5 beautiful picture books about Autumn are my little girl’s favourites at the moment.  We have a book rack in our kitchen that we use to display seasonal books and since I took out all of our Autumn and Halloween themed books last week she has been fascinated by these five in particular.

5 Autumn Fall Picture Books for Preschoolers and Toddlers - Our Little House in the Country

Our 5 Favourite Autumn Picture Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  1. Millie-Mae in Autumn – Natalie Marshal: This is a stunningly beautiful board book, in my opinion.  It is described as a touch-and-learn book and its glittery and shiny details throughout really do encourage children to interact with the book.  What’s perfect about this book is that it is colourful, short and relevant to young children – talking about autumn in terms of young kids playing with their toys out in the park etc.
  2. Clifford’s First Autumn – Norman Bridwell:  Clifford’s First Autumn is a story about the transition from summer to autumn through the adventures of a puppy – Clifford.  All aspects of the season are mention from leaves to pumpkins to chillier weather. It’s a fun, colour and simple book, perfect for maintaining the attention of active preschoolers.
  3. That’s When I’m Happy – Beth Shoshan & Jacqueline East: This is a gorgeous book about remembering happy times when we are feeling a little sad n order to feel better.  While not specifically about autumn the book is full of beautiful autumnal illustrations and perfect for snuggling up on the couch and reading on chillier Fall evenings.
  4. After the Storm, A Tale from Percy’s Park – Nick Butterworth:  We have several books from this fantastic series.  This book in particular is a firm favourite of ours in part due to the beautiful large poster that was included in the book.  It depicts a huge autumnal tree where all the animals from the story live.  This is a great story about a community coming together to rebuild their homes after a storm.  The illustrations are gorgeous, capturing the imagination of children and adults alike.
  5. Squirrel’s Autumn Search – Anita Loughrey & Daniel Howarth: Squirrel loves autumn and loves to explore the countryside at this time of year.  However, he has too much fun and forgets where he has stored his food!  This lovely story gives little ones a great overview of the season and includes activities and a “what have we learned” section at the end.

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What Autumn / Fall books for preschoolers do you recommend we try?


Ciara x


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