Doodles’ 100 Days of Summer Bucket List – 100 summer activities for kids

Update:  As we have been on holidays for over a month at this stage, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to cross of what we have done to date (full list below in a graphic)!  We have been very busy!

Also, this morning the lovely Lindsey at 101thingstodowithkids mentioned me in her post about her summer list. She also included Ali’s bucket list from My Life. My Love – if you get a chance, take a look at their great lists as well as their fantastic blogs.  Ali includes a gorgeous pledge to her family about making this summer a special and meaningful one.

Doodles finished preschool today and he is so excited to be on his summer holidays.  Over the last few days he has helped me to compile a list of everything he wants to do this summer.  Most of the items on the list are suitable for all kids, everywhere.  One or two of the activities are specific to our locality and the trips we are taking this summer as a family.

Our 100 Days of Summer Bucket List

  1. Build a sandcastle
  2. Paddle in rockpools
  3. Swim  in the sea
  4. Visit a waterpark
  5. Visit an aquarium
  6. Camp out in the garden
  7. Host a BBQ and water fight birthday party
  8. Visit daddy’s office
  9. Take the train to Dublin to visit daddy at work
  10. Learn to cycle without stabilisers
  11. Grow pumpkins
  12. Grow carrots
  13. Create a maze in the meadow
  14. Swim in Keem Bay in Achill
  15. Cycle the Greenway in Mayo
  16. Paint with feet
  17. Try lots of bubbles ideas
  18. Build an obstacle course
  19. Eat breakfast outside
  20. Go on a picnic
  21. Go on a scavenger hunt
  22. Go Geocaching
  23. Visit new school
  24. Build a tent in the garden
  25. Build a fort
  26. Play hop scotch
  27. Jump through the sprinkler
  28. Make a butterfly feeder
  29. Go swimming
  30. Visit Monaco
  31. Grow sunflowers
  32. Visit the playground
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Make lots of different types of playdough
  35. Make ice lollies
  36. Draw on the patio/driveway with chalk
  37. Bubble paint
  38. Make slime
  39. Play dress up
  40. Play tag
  41. Play musical statues
  42. Collect shells
  43. Play hide and seek
  44. Play Sardines
  45. Send postcards
  46. Go to the zoo
  47. Visits Imaginosity – Dublin Children’s Museum
  48. Explore the market in Frejus in France
  49. Visit the Gorges de Verdon in the South of France
  50. Take a boat trip
  51. Visit the Natural History Museum
  52. Borrow books from the library
  53. Buy a Skylanders set
  54. Throw water balloons
  55. Watch airplanes landing and taking off
  56. Visit our local conservation centre and explore the nature walks
  57. Visit a farm
  58. Admire the sculptures at the local sandcastle and sculpture competition
  59. Race on the scooters
  60. Paint an under the sea mural in the garden
  61. Beach theme messy/sensory play
  62. Science experiments
  63. Make a balloon powered racecar
  64. Toast marshmallows
  65. Stargazing
  66. Night time picnic
  67. Strawberry picking
  68. Jump in muddy puddles
  69. Paint rocks
  70. Build toy boats
  71. Wash the car
  72. Roll down a hill
  73. Paint on the glass patio doors
  74. Make a shaving cream slip ‘n slide
  75. Create water slide in garden
  76. Play football
  77. Bake cookies
  78. Take photos of our adventures
  79. Face paint
  80. Play lawn twister
  81. Discover what’s inside the giant ice cube!
  82. Feed the ducks
  83. Fishing
  84. Take a ferry ride
  85. Collect lady bugs
  86. Blow Dandelion clocks
  87. Make daisy chains
  88. Paper airplanes
  89. Basketball
  90. Play mini golf
  91. Get buried in the sand
  92. Climb a tree
  93. Make ice cream
  94. Jump on the trampoline
  95. Water relay races with buckets of water
  96. Pick flowers
  97. Read books on beanbags outside
  98. Take playroom toys outdoors
  99. Parachute games
  100. Squirt gun painting

100 Days of Summer Bucket List - 100 Summer Activities for Kids - Our Little House in the Country #summer #kidsactivities #bucketlist

Check back over the summer to see how we are getting on with our list!

What would you add to the list?

Have fun!

Ciara x


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