Tips for Travelling with Kids Part 1 – Carry-on Luggage for Air Travel

Travelling With Kids Part 1- Carry-on Luggage for Air Travel - Our Little House in the Country

At the moment on our Facebook page we have been having a great time reading and sharing lots of fantastic tips and advice from parents about travelling with children.  Check out the brilliant posts and share your own too, feel free to leave a link to your post of just simply add your top tip in the comments below the photo pinned to the top of our Facebook page (further details are on our post from yesterday – Share Your Tips for Travelling with Kids).

The idea to start this discussion on Facebook came about as a result of a series of posts I am currently working on.  We love to travel as a family and we have been lucky enough to visit many fantastic places over the years.  As we have a number of trips coming up soon I thought that this would be a good time to share our tips for and our experiences of travelling with young kids.  Part 1 in our series is all about carry-on luggage for air travel but to be honest our carry-on is almost exactly the same for when we travel by car, ferry, train etc.

Here’s what our carry-on luggage looks like at the moment with a 4y.o. and a 2y.o.

Carry on luggage checklist


We also usually take a stroller, at the moment we are using our Quinny Buzz with a buggy board attached for Doodles, before this we used our all terrain twin buggy (which was huge but still accepted free of charge on all airlines), plus two car seats (usually the strollers are free and you pay for the car seats, on other airlines e.g. Aerlingus, you can take either a car seat or stroller per child for free and then pay extra if you need to take the other piece too).  We used to take along a baby carrier too.  We have a light weight fold up stroller but we rarely use it, I prefer to bring our full size buggy as it is far more comfortable.

Thankfully we no longer need nappy changing supplies, those days are gladly behind us!  We used to take our usual changing bag, packed with lots of extra nappies and clothes and bottles, formula etc.

Our mini first aid and medicines pack contains:

  1. Calpol and Neurofen (children’s paracetemol and ibuprofen)
  2. Phenergen (Promethazine Hydrochloride – our son suffers really badly from travel sickness, this is an antihistamine and also helps with nausea and vomiting and works well for our son’s travel sickness – BUT check with your doctor first!)
  3. Asthma inhalers and medications for me and Doodles (due to the severity of my asthma in the past I always carry a full course of antibiotics and steroids prescribed by my doctor)
  4. Other prescription meds the children and I are prescribed.
  5. Plasters
  6. Antiseptic wipes
  7. Antispetic cream or spray
  8. Sunscreen

(We also pack a more substantial first aid and medicines kit in our checked luggage)

entertainment supplies

We try to limit our carry-on luggage to one bag for us all so as to minimize the hassle of boarding and disembarking with kiddies in tow.  I always wear a small cross-body bag which holds all our travel documents – passports, tickets, boarding passes, insurance documents, European Health Insurance Cards, money etc.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  It’s not really, most items are small and compact and are well worth taking in my opinion for a smooth, relatively stress free journey!

I would love to hear your carry-on “must haves” and travel tips.

Posts in the series:

Please share your tips in the comments below or link your posts about travelling with kids to our Facebook page and we will share them on FacebookPinterest and Twitter.

Happy Travelling

Ciara x

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