Play Dough Tool Kit – Everything You Need For Play Dough Fun!

The Essential Play Dough Tool Kit - Everything you need for play dough fun #playdough #kidsactivitiesDoodles (4y.o.) and Oodles(2y.o.) had the play dough out again this afternoon.  While they were creating aliens and monsters with lots of bits and pieces, I decided to clean out the crate that we keep all of our play dough tools and toys in.  I actually surprised myself with the amount of things we have collected to use with play dough over the last while.  We play with play dough a lot and love to try out different recipes such as our recent experiment with super soft colour surprise play dough and our old reliable basic play dough.  Anyone who has ever been a primary teacher like me or worked with young children will relate only too well to collecting all sorts of pieces of junk, card, tubes, wine corks, bottle tops etc to use in activities.  Our play dough crate has really benefited from my hoarding , collecting habits! Playdough fun with our toolkit   What do we have in our Play Dough Tool Kit? Playdough Tool Kit The Essential Play Dough Tool Kit - Everything You Need For Play Dough Fun #playdough #kidsactivities

We also often use pasta, dinky cars, little toy figures, Lego, Duplo, etc.  Incidentally, we also use all of these objects in our messy and sensory play activities.

tool kit

Everything in our tool kit is very inexpensive or free.  Doodles and Oodles love having free reign with all of our tools and they have so much creating all sorts of creatures and objects.

Playdough toys We also have a number of “Play Doh” toys and tools.  Both D and O love these and were given most of them as gifts.  They are great and without doubt have a place in Play Dough fun, however, often they can be difficult to use especially for younger children, Oodles can find them quite difficult to manipulate, especially the ice cream and cookie factories which require some strength to push down some of the levers.  They are also really difficult to clean.  While not a necessary part of a play dough tool kit, they are fun to use occasionally. Hope you have lots of play dough fun! Ciara x

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