Bubbles Play – Our Top 5 Tried and Tested Recipes


I don’t know about you bu I have spent a fortune on bubble mixture and bubble machines over the years.  My kids are bubble crazy, so crazy that I regularly have to hide the bubbles!!!!  Anyway, recently I said enough is enough and I am not buying bubble mixtures anymore, especially as they invariably get spilled within minutes of the fun starting!  So, I went hunting in my favourite hang out – Pinterest and set about trying out the various recipes pinned and wow, some were absolutely amazing!!!

Bubble Fun


Our Top 5 Recipes:

1. Giant Bubbles from Busy Kids Happy Mom – these are amazing, really great fun!

2. Easy Homemade Bubbles Recipe from La Jolla Mom – 2 things about this recipe – 1) I love how they are presented in the dispenser and 2) I never thought of microwaving the cornflour and water first – actually makes a difference!!!

3. Bouncing Bubbles by Play At Home Mom LLC – The trick here is to leave the mixture overnight and then to wear gloves so that the bubbles don’t burst!

4. Simple & Fun Bubble Recipe from Red Ted Art – straight forward, easy to make and super fun!

5. Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing A Forest – these are super cool and I love the snakes that are created by blowing through the bottle and a sock – this is really worth trying!

3 things I have learned:

  1. Add glycerine
  2. Use fairly good quality washing up liquid
  3. Add cornflour/cornstarch!!!!!!

Have lots of bubble fun!

Ciara x

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