One Year On and We Are All Still Standing!

One year on...I recently wrote about my journey from ill health to wellness and happiness and how so much has changed in our lives over the past year.  What a year it has been.  It is a year to the day since I informed my boss that I would like to take Parental Leave.  A year to the day since I shocked my staff, friends and family by announcing that I was going to take a break from my job of primary teacher and Deputy Principal. I’m sure, in fact I know that there were several raised eyebrows but it has been the best decision I have ever made.

I cannot believe how fast the year has whizzed by.  Nor can I believe that I will finish my Parental Leave on Friday and begin a Career Break for the next couple of years. Also, how can it be possible that my little boy has his first day at Primary School tomorrow – how did that happen? It has been an amazing year, a huge learning curve and like the typical life of any family, full of ups and downs, thankfully more ups than downs.

I wondered and worried would I be suited to being at home 24/7 with two little people but I have loved every second of it (well, almost every second of it!).  I have found where I am supposed to be.  I am doing what I need to do for now, for this moment in time.  Who knows what the future will bring but right now, all is perfect in Our Little House in the Country and for that, I am extremely grateful.


Ciara x


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